James R Eckman MD


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IMPROVE trial: A randomized controlled trial of patient-controlled analgesia for sickle cell painful episodes: rationale, design challenges, initial experience, and recommendations for future studies

by Carlton Dampier; Wally R. Smith; Carrie G. Wager; Hae-Young Kim; Margaret C. Bell; Scott T. Miller; Debra L. Weiner; Caterina P. Minniti; Lakshmanan Krishnamurti; Kenneth I. Ataga; James Eckman; Lewis L. Hsu; Donna McClish; Sonja M. McKinlay; Robert Molokie; Ifeyinwa Osunkwo; Kim Smith-Whitley; Marilyn J. Telen; The Sickle Cell Disease Clinical Research Network (SCDCRN)



Factors associated with survival in a contemporary adult sickle cell disease cohort

by Hany Elmariah; Melanie E. Garrett; Laura M. De Castro; Jude Jonassaint; Kenneth I. Ataga; James Eckman; Allison E. Ashley-Koch; Marilyn J. Telen



Surgical and obstetric outcomes in adults with sickle cell disease

by Soheir Adam; Jude Jonassaint; Hillary Kruger; Melanie Kail; Eugene P. Orringer; James R Eckman; Allison Ashley-Koch; Marilyn J. Telen; Laura M. De Castro



MYH9 and APOL1 are both associated with sickle cell disease nephropathy

by Allison E. Ashley-Koch; Emmanuel C. Okocha; Melanie E. Garrett; Karen Soldano; Laura M. De Castro; Jude C. Jonassaint; Eugene P. Orringer; James Eckman; Marilyn J. Telen



Standard measures for sickle cell disease research: the PhenX Toolkit sickle cell disease collections.

by James R Eckman; Kathryn L. Hassell; Wayne Huggins; Ellen M. Werner; Elizabeth S. Klings; Robert J. Adams; Julie A. Panepinto; Carol M. Hamilton