J. Douglas Bremner MD


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Sex differences in brain activation patterns with mental stress in patients with coronary artery disease

by Nicole Kasher; Matthew T. Wittbrodt; Zuhayr S. Alam; Bruno B. Lima; Jonathon Nye; Carolina Campanella; Stacy Ladd; Muhammad Hammadah; Amit Shah; Paolo Raggi; Arshed Quyyumi; Viola Vaccarino; J. Douglas Bremner



Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Incidence of Coronary Heart Disease

by Viola Vaccarino; Jack Goldberg; Cherie Rooks; Amit J. Shah; Emir Veledar; Tracy L. Faber; John R Votaw; Christopher W. Forsberg; J. Douglas Bremner



Telomere Shortening, Regenerative Capacity, and Cardiovascular Outcomes

by Muhammad Hammadah; Ibhar Al Mheid; Kobina Wilmot; Ronnie Ramadan; Naser Abdelhadi; Ayman Alkhoder; Malik Obideen; Pratik M. Pimple; Oleksiy Levantsevych; Heval M. Kelli; Amit Shah; Yan Sun; Bradley Pearce; Michael Kutner; Qi Long; Laura Ward; Yi-An Ko; Kareem hosny Mohammed; Jue Lin; Jinying Zhao; James Bremner; Jinhee Kim; Edmund Waller; Paolo Raggi; David Sheps; Arshed Quyyumi; Laura Vaccarino