Jane Yoon Scott


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Public Health Response to Clusters of Rapid HIV Transmission Among Hispanic or Latino Gay, Bisexual, and Other Men Who Have Sex with Men - Metropolitan Atlanta, Georgia, 2021-2022

by Valeria Cantos Lucio; David Holland; Jane Scott; Carlos Saldana Ochoa; C Saldana; DC Philpott; DE Mauck; RB Hershow; E Garlow; J Gettings; D Freeman; AM France; EN Johnson; A Ajmal; D Elimam; K Reed; A Sulka; JF Adame; JF Andia; M Gutierrez; M Padilla; NG Jimenez; C Hayes; RP McClung; VD Cantos; AM Oster; KG Curran; R Hassan; P Wortley