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Hospitalization Rates and Causes Among Persons With HIV in the United States and Canada, 2005-2015

by Vincent Marconi; John Brooks; Jonathan Colasanti; T Davy-Mendez; S Napravnik; BC Hogan; KN Althoff; KA Gebo; RD Moore; MA Horberg; MJ Silverberg; MJ Gill; HM Crane; RJ Bosch; TR Sterling; WC Mathews; AM Mayor; NGA Nanditha; K Buchacz; J Li; PF Rebeiro; JE Thorne; A Nijhawan; D van Duin; DA Wohl; JJ Eron; SA Berry



Care Facilitation Advances Movement Along the Hepatitis C Care Continuum for Persons With Human Immunodeficiency Virus, Hepatitis C, and Substance Use: A Randomized Clinical Trial (CTN-0064)

by Carlos del Rio; Jonathan Colasanti; LR Metsch; DJ Feaster; LK Gooden; C Masson; DC Perlman; MK Jain; T Matheson; CM Nelson; P Jacobs; S Tross; L Haynes; GM Lucas; A Rodriguez; M-L Drainoni; G Osorio; AE Nijhawan; JM Jacobson; M Sullivan; D Metzger; P Vergara-Rodriguez; R Lubelchek; R Duan; JN Batycki; AG Matthews; F Munoz; E Jelstrom; R Mandler



Race and satisfaction with pain management among patients with HIV receiving long-term opioid therapy

by Carlos del Rio; Jonathan Colasanti; AP Ganguly; MC Lira; S Lodi; LS Forman; EC Williams; JM Liebschutz; JH Samet; JI Tsui



Hazardous alcohol use is associated with greater pain interference and prescription opioid misuse among persons living with HIV and chronic pain

by Belle Ngo; Jane M Liebschutz; Debbie M Cheng; Jonathan Colasanti; Jessica S Merlin; Wendy Armstrong; Leah S Forman; Marlene C Lira; Jeffrey H Samet; Carlos del Rio; Judith Tsui



Weight gain post-ART in HIV+ Latinos/as differs in the USA, Haiti, and Latin America

by Vincent Marconi; Jonathan Colasanti; LE Coelho; CA Jenkins; BE Shepherd; JW Pape; FM Cordero; D Padgett; BC Ramirez; B Grinsztejn; KN Althoff; JR Koethe; PC Tien; AL Willig; RD Moore; JL Castilho; HM Crane; MJ Gill; MA Horberg; A Mayor; MJ Silverberg; C McGowan; PF Rebeiro