Joshua Chern


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Robust deep learning classification of adamantinomatous craniopharyngioma from limited preoperative radiographic images

by Eric W. Prince; Ros Whelan; David M. Mirsky; Nicholas Stence; Susan Staulcup; Paul Klimo; Richard C. E. Anderson; Toba N. Niazi; Gerald Grant; Mark Souweidane; James M. Johnston; Eric M. Jackson; David D. Limbrick, Jr.; Amy Smith; Annie Drapeau; Joshua Chern; Lindsay Kilburn; Kevin Ginn; Robert Naftel; Roy Dudley; Elizabeth Tyler-Kabara; George Jallo; Michael H. Handler; Kevin Jones; Andrew M. Donson; Nicholas K. Foreman; Todd C. Hankinson



Transcriptional analyses of adult and pediatric adamantinomatous craniopharyngioma reveals similar expression signatures regarding potential therapeutic targets

by E Prince; R Whelan; A Donson; S Staulcup; A Hengartner; T Vijmasi; C Agwu; KO Lillehei; NK Foreman; Joshua Chern