Peter Cegielski


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Clinical characteristics, drug resistance, and treatment outcomes among tuberculosis patients with diabetes in Peru

by Matthew Magee; E Bloss; SS Shin; C Contreras; H Arbanil Huaman; J Calderon Ticona; J Bayona; C Bonilla; M Yagui; O Jave; J. Cegielski



Outcomes and follow-up of patients treated for multidrug-resistant tuberculosis in Orel, Russia, 2002-2005

by J. S. Cavanaugh; B. Y. Kazennyy; Minhly Nguyen; E. V. Kiryanova; E. Vitek; T. M. Khorosheva; E. Nemtsova; J. Cegielski



Fluoroquinolones in Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis: Culture Conversion and Pharmacokinetic/Pharmacodynamic Target Attainment To Guide Dose Selection

by Mohammad H. Al-Shaer; Wael A. Alghamdi; Abdullah Alsultan; Guohua An; Shahriar Ahmed; Yosra Alkabab; Sayera Banu; Ketevan Barbakadze; Eric Houpt; Maia Kipiani; Lali Mikiashvili; J. Cegielski; Russell Kempker; Scott K. Heysell; Charles A. Peloquin



What will it take to eliminate drug-resistant tuberculosis?

by Emily A. Kendall; Suvanand Sahu; Madhukar Pai; Greg J. Fox; Francis Varaine; Helen Cox; J. Cegielski; Lynette Mabote; Anna Vassall; David W. Dowdy