Javed Butler

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SON: Academic Advancement

School Of Nursing

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Rationale and Design of the ATHENA-HF Trial Aldosterone Targeted Neurohormonal Combined With Natriuresis Therapy in Heart Failure

by Javed Butler; Adrian F. Hernandez; Kevin J. Anstrom; Andreas Kalogeropoulos; Margaret M. Redfield; Marvin A. Konstam; W. H. Wilson Tang; G. Michael Felker; Monica R. Shah; Eugene Braunwald



Incident Heart Failure Prediction in the Elderly: The Health ABC Heart Failure Score

by Javed Butler; Andreas Kalogeropoulos; Vasiliki (Vicki) Georgiopoulou; Rhonda Belue; Nicolas Rodondi; Melissa Garcia; Douglas C. Bauer; Suzanne Satterfield; Andrew L Smith; Viola Vaccarino; Anne B. Newman; Tamara B. Harris; Peter W Wilson; Stephen B. Kritchevsky



Serum Resistin Concentrations and Risk of New Onset Heart Failure in Older Persons: The Health, Aging, and Body Composition (Health ABC) Study

by Javed Butler; Andreas Kalogeropoulos; Vasiliki (Vicki) Georgiopoulou; Nathalie de Rekeneire; Nicolas Rodondi; Andrew L Smith; Udo Hoffmann; Alka Kanaya; Anne B. Newman; Stephen B. Kritchevsky; Ramachandran S. Vasan; Peter W Wilson; Tamara B. Harris



Systolic Blood Pressure and Incident Heart Failure in the Elderly

by Javed Butler; Andreas Kalogeropoulos; Vasiliki (Vicki) Georgiopoulou; Kirsten Bibbins-Domingo; Samer S. Najjar; Kim C. Sutton-Tyrrell; Tamara B. Harris; Stephen B. Kritchevsky; Donald M. Lloyd-Jones; Anne B. Newman; Bruce M. Psaty