Jeanne Marie Boudreaux MD

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Phone: 404-785-3240


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SOMPI: Hematology

Emory+Children's Ped Institute

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Disposable platform provides visual and color-based point-of-care anemia self-testing

by Erika A. Tyburski; Scott E. Gillespie; William A. Stoy; Robert G. Mannino; Alexander J. Weiss; Alexa F. Siu; Rayford H. Bulloch; Karthik Thota; Anyela Cardenas; Wilena Session; H Jean Khoury; Siobhán O’Connor O’Connor; Silvia Bunting; Jeanne Boudreaux; Craig R. Forest; Manila Gaddh; Traci Leong; L. Andrew Lyon; Wilbur Lam



Eculizumab for complement mediated thrombotic microangiopathy in sickle cell disease.

by Satheesh Chonat; Sara Graciaa; H. Stella Shin; Joanna G. Newton; Maa-Ohui Quarmyne; Jeanne Boudreaux; Amy Tang; Patricia E. Zerra; Margo R. Rollins; Cassandra D. Josephson; Clark Brown; Clinton H. Joiner; Ross M. Fasano; Sean R. Stowell