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Complementation Test of Rpe65 Knockout and Tvrm148

by Charles B. Wright; Micah A. Chrenek; Stephanie L. Foster; Todd Duncan; T. Michael Redmond; Machelle Pardue; Jeffrey Boatright; John Nickerson



Exaggerated Eye Growth in IRBP-Deficient Mice in Early Development

by Jeffrey Wisard; Amanda Faulkner; Micah A. Chrenek; Timothy Waxweiler; Weston Waxweiler; Christy Donmoyer; Gregory I. Liou; Cheryl M. Craft; Gregor F. Schmid; Jeffrey Boatright; Machelle Pardue; John Nickerson



Retinal Function and Structure in Ant1-Deficient Mice

by M. Joseph Phillips; Sarah Webb-Wood; Amanda E. Faulkner; Seema B. Jabbar; Valerie Biousse; Nancy J Newman; Vi T. Do; Jeffrey Boatright; Douglas C. Wallace; Machelle Pardue



Tauroursodeoxycholic acid preserves photoreceptor structure and function in the rd10 mouse through post-natal day 30

by M. Joe Phillips; Tiffany Austin Walker; Hee-young Choi; Amanda E. Faulkner; Moon K. Kim; Sheree Sidney; Amber Boyd; John Nickerson; Jeffrey Boatright; Machelle Pardue



RPE Cell and Sheet Properties in Normal and Diseased Eyes

by Alia Rashid; Shagun K. Bhatia; Karina I. Mazzitello; Micah A. Chrenek; Qing Zhang; Jeffrey Boatright; Hans Grossniklaus; Yi Jiang; John Nickerson



Neuroprotective Effects of Voluntary Exercise in an Inherited Retinal Degeneration Mouse Model

by Adam M. Hanif; Eric C. Lawson; Megan Prunty; Marissa Gogniat; Moe H. Aung; Ranjay Chakraborty; Jeffrey Boatright; Machelle Pardue



Two mouse retinal degenerations caused by missense mutations in the beta-subunit of rod cGMP phosphodiesterase gene

by B. Chang; N.L. Hawes; M. T. Pardue; A.M. German; R.E. Hurd; M.T. Davisson; S. Nusinowitz; K. Rengarajan; A.P. Boyd; S.S. Starr; R.C. Chaudhury; John Nickerson; J.R. Heckenlively; Jeffrey Boatright



Non-contact measurement of linear external dimensions of the mouse eye

by Jeffrey Wisard; Micah A. Chrenek; Charles Wright; Nupur Dalal; Machelle Pardue; Jeffrey Boatright; John Nickerson