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Experiences of parents and caretakers going through the consent process to perform minimally invasive tissue sampling (MITS) on their deceased children in Quelimane, Mozambique: A qualitative study

by John Blevins; Robert Breiman; A Magaco; M Maixenchs; Y Macete; N Escritorio; R Mucor; A Calia; A Sitoe; E Xirinda; P Vitorino; M Garel; A Amouzou; Q Bassat; I Mandomando; K Munguambe



Consent to minimally invasive tissue sampling procedures in children in Mozambique: A mixed-methods study

by Khatia Munguambe; Maria Maixenchs; Rui Anselmo; John Blevins; John Ordi; Inacio Mandomando; Robert Breiman; Quique Bassat; Clara Menendez



Using traditional healers to treat child malnutrition: a qualitative study of health-seeking behaviour in eastern Ethiopia

by Ketema Degefa; Adugna Tadesse; Caroline Ackley; Lola Madrid; Nega Assefa; Markus Breines; Kasthuri Sivalogan; Maria Maixenchs; John Blevins



Abortion attitudes, religious and moral beliefs, and pastoral care among Protestant religious leaders in Georgia

by Jessica L. Dozier; Monique Hennink; Elizabeth Mosley; Subasri Narasimhan; Johanna Pringle; Lasha Clarke; John Blevins; Latishia James-Portis; Rob Keithan; Kelli Stidham Hall; Whitney Rice



Using Participatory Workshops to Assess Alignment or Tension in the Community for Minimally Invasive Tissue Sampling Prior to Start of Child Mortality Surveillance: Lessons From 5 Sites Across the CHAMPS Network

by John Blevins; E O'Mara Sage; Ahoua Kone; Maria Maixenchs; Pratima L Raghunathan; Rui A Guilaze; Saquina Cossa; Zerihun Girma; Yosef Zegeye; Caroline Ackley; Faruqe Hussain; Saiful Islam; Nellie Myburgh; Noni Ngwenya; Shabir A Madhi; Peter Otieno; Kennedy Ochola; Khatia Munguambe; Robert F Breiman



Investigating the Feasibility of Child Mortality Surveillance With Postmortem Tissue Sampling: Generating Constructs and Variables to Strengthen Validity and Reliability in Qualitative Research

by Elizabeth O'Mara Sage; Khatia R. Munguambe; John Blevins; Rui Guilaze; Baindu Kosia; Maria Maixenchs; Quique Bassat; Inacio Mandomando; Reinhard Kaiser; Ahoua Kone; Amara Jambai; Nellie D. Myburgh; Noni Ngwenya; Shabir A. Madhi; Ketema Degefa; Caroline Ackley; Robert Breiman; Pratima L. Raghunathan