Joshua Barzilay

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SOM: Medicine: Endocrinology

School Of Medicine

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  • Kaiser Permanente of Georgia

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  • MD, SUNY Downstate, 1976

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Blood pressure control and cardiovascular outcomes in normal-weight, overweight, and obese hypertensive patients treated with three different antihypertensives in ALLHAT

by Efrain Reisin; John W. Graves; Jose-Miguel Yamal; Joshua Barzilay; Sara L. Pressel; Paula T. Einhorn; Richard A. Dart; Tamrat M. Retta; Mohammad G. Saklayen; Barry R. Davis



Circulating Levels of Carboxy-Methyl-Lysine ( CML) Are Associated With Hip Fracture Risk: The Cardiovascular Health Study

by Joshua I. Barzilay; Petra Buzkova; Susan J. Zieman; Jorge R. Kizer; Luc Djousse; Joachim H. Ix; Russell P. Tracy; David S. Siscovick; Jane A. Cauley; Kenneth J. Mukamal



Association of Increased Urinary Albumin With Risk of Incident Clinical Fracture and Rate of Hip Bone Loss: the Osteoporotic Fractures in Men Study

by Howard A. Fink; Tien N. Vo; Lisa Langsetmo; Joshua I. Barzilay; Jane A. Cauley; John T. Schousboe; Eric S. Orwoll; Muna T. Canales; Areef Ishani; Nancy E. Lane; Kristine E. Ensrud



Association of Levels of Fasting Glucose and Insulin With Rare Variants at the Chromosome 11p11.2-MADD Locus Cohorts for Heart and Aging Research in Genomic Epidemiology (CHARGE) Consortium Targeted Sequencing Study

by Belinda K. Cornes; Jennifer A. Brody; Naghmeh Nikpoor; Alanna C. Morrison; Huan Chu; Byung Soo Ahn; Shuai Wang; Marco Dauriz; Joshua I. Barzilay; Josee Dupuis; Jose C. Florez; Josef Coresh; Richard A. Gibbs; W.H. Linda Kao; Ching-Ti Liu; Barbara McKnight; Donna Muzny; James S. Pankow; Jeffrey G. Reid; Charles C. White; Andrew D. Johnson; Tien Y. Wong; Bruce M. Psaty; Eric Boerwinkle; Jerome I. Rotter; David S. Siscovick; Robert Sladek; James B. Meigs



Novel Measures of Heart Rate Variability Predict Cardiovascular Mortality in Older Adults Independent of Traditional Cardiovascular Risk Factors: The Cardiovascular Health Study (CHS)

by Phyllis K. Stein; Joshua I. Barzilay; Paulo H. M. Chaves; Stephanie Q. Mistretta; Peter P. Domitrovich; John S. Gottdiener; Michael W. Rich; Robert E. Kleiger



A novel method for estimating transgender status using electronic medical records

by Douglas Roblin; Joshua Barzilay; Dennis Tolsma; Brandi Robinson; Laura Schild; Lee Cromwell; Hayley Braun; Rebecca Nash; Joseph Gerth; Enid Hunkeler; Virginia P. Quinn; Vin Tangpricha; Michael Goodman



The associations of subclinical atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease with hip fracture risk and bone mineral density in elderly adults

by Joshua I. Barzilay; Petra Buzkova; Jane A. Cauley; John A. Robbins; Howard A. Fink; Kenneth J. Mukamal



Association Between Gender Confirmation Treatments and Perceived Gender Congruence, Body Image Satisfaction, and Mental Health in a Cohort of Transgender Individuals

by Ashli Owen-Smith; Joseph Gerth; R. Craig Sineath; Joshua Barzilay; Tracy A. Becerra-Culqui; Darios Getahun; Shawn Giammattei; Enid Hunkeler; Timothy Lash; Andrea Millman; Rebecca Nash; Virginia P. Quinn; Brandi Robinson; Douglas Roblin; Travis Sanchez; Michael J. Silverberg; Vin Tangpricha; Cadence Valentine; Savannah Winter; Cory Woodyatt; Yongjia Song; Michael Goodman



The Impact of Salsalate Treatment on Serum Levels of Advanced Glycation End Products in Type 2 Diabetes

by Joshua Barzilay; Kathleen A. Jablonski; Vivian Fonseca; Steven E. Shoelson; Allison B. Goldfine; Christopher Strauch; Vincent M. Monnier



Total and High-Molecular-Weight Adiponectin and Risk of Incident Diabetes in Older People

by Jorge R. Kizer; Alice M. Arnold; David Benkeser; Joachim H. Ix; Luc Djousse; Susan J. Zieman; Joshua Barzilay; Russell P. Tracy; Christos S. Mantzoros; David S. Siscovick; Kenneth J. Mukamal