Jennifer Shih


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Reply to “The forced renaissance of telemedicine during COVID-19: A fellow-in-training's perspective”

by Jennifer Shih; P Bansal; N Hare; SS Bajowala; SL Abramson; S Chervinskiy; R Corriel; DW Hauswirth; S Kakumanu; R Mehta; Q Rashid; MR Rupp; GS Mosnaim



Work Group Report: COVID-19: Unmasking Telemedicine

by Nathan Hare; Priya Bansal; Sakina S. Bajowala; Stuart L. Abramson; Sheva Chervinskiy; Robert Corriel; David W. Hauswirth; Sujani Kakumanu; Reena Mehta; Quratulain Rashid; Michael R. Rupp; Jennifer Shih; Giselle S. Mosnaim



A Good Case of Recurrent Pneumonia.

by Ankit Bhargava; Rachel Eisenstadt; Jennifer Shih; Viranuj Sueblinvong