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Use of Polyphenolic Compounds in Dermatologic Oncology

by Adilson Costa; Michael Yi Bonner; Jack Arbiser



Cooperative benefit for the combination of rapamycin and imatinib in tuberous sclerosis complex neoplasia

by Baskaran Govindarajan; Laura Willoughby; Hamid Band; Adam S. Curatolo; Emir Veledar; Suephy Chen; Michael Y. Bonner; Matin-Garrido Abel; Marsha A. Mosses; Jack Arbiser



Honokiol Acts as a Potent Anti-Fibrotic Agent in the Liver through Inhibition of TGF-beta 1/SMAD Signaling and Autophagy in Hepatic Stellate Cells

by Jack Arbiser; S Kataoka; A Umemura; K Okuda; H Taketani; Y Seko; T Nishikawa; K Yamaguchi; M Moriguchi; Y Kanbara; T Shima; T Okanoue; Y Itoh



Honokiol InhibitsAndrogen ReceptorActivity in Prostate Cancer Cells

by Eun-Ryeong Hahm; A. Isabella Karlsson; Michael Y. Bonner; Jack Arbiser; Shivendra V. Singh