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Clioquinol-zinc chelate: a candidate causative agent of subacute myelo-optic neuropathy.

by Jack Arbiser; Kraeft Stine-Kathrein; Robert van Leeuwen,; Selwyn Hurwitz; Martin Selig; G. R. Dickersin; Alan Flint; H. Randolph Byers; Lan Bo Chen



SIRT3 is attenuated in systemic sclerosis skin and lungs, and its pharmacologic activation mitigates organ fibrosis

by Kaname Akamata; Jun Wei; Mitra Bhattacharyya; Paul Cheresh; Michael Y. Bonner; Jack Arbiser; Kirtee Raparia; Mahesh P. Gupta; David W. Kamp; John Varga



Honokiol InhibitsAndrogen ReceptorActivity in Prostate Cancer Cells

by Eun-Ryeong Hahm; A. Isabella Karlsson; Michael Y. Bonner; Jack Arbiser; Shivendra V. Singh



Combination therapy of imiquimod and gentian violet for cutaneous melanoma metastases

by Jack Arbiser; Maria Bips; Anne Seidler; Michael Y. Bonner; Charles Kovach



Solenopsin, the alkaloidal component of the fire ant (Solenopsis invicta), is a naturally occurring inhibitor of phosphatidylinositol-3-kinase signaling and angiogenesis

by Jack Arbiser; Tweeny Kau; Martha Konar; Krishna Narra; Ramani Ramchandran; Scott A. Summers; Chris J. Vlahos; Keqiang Ye; Betsy N. Perry; William Matter; Anthony Fischl; James Cook; Pamela A. Silver; Jenny Bain; Philip Cohen; David Whitmire; Scott Furness; Baskaran Govindarajan; J. Phillip Bowen