Jennifer Spicer


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The Digital Classroom: How to Leverage Social Media for Infectious Diseases Education

by Saman Nematollahi; Daniel J Minter; Brooke Barlow; Nathanial S Nolan; Jennifer Spicer; Darcy Wooten; Nicolas Cortes-Penfield; Ashley Barlow; Miguel A Chavez; Todd McCarty; Emily Abdoler; Gerome Escota



Improving Youth COVID-19 Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices Through a Novel Medical Student Driven Curriculum

by Sarah Kuehl; Eudora Olsen; Carlyn Harris; Sampurna (Megha) Mandal; Matt Watt; Jennifer Spicer; Stan Sonu



Epidemiology of and Impact of Insecticide Spraying on Chagas Disease in Communities in the Bolivian Chaco

by Aaron M. Samuels; Eva H. Clark; Gerson Galdos-Cardenas; Ryan E. Wiegand; Lisbeth Ferrufino; Silvio Menacho; Jose Gil; Jennifer Oliver Spicer; Julia Budde; Michael Z. Levy; Ricardo W. Bozo; Robert H. Gilman; Caryn Bern



Student and faculty perceptions on the rapid scale-up of medical students in Ethiopia

by Brittney S. Mengistu; Holly Vins; Caitrin M. Kelly; Daphne R. McGee; Jennifer Spicer; Miliard Derbew; Abebe Bekele; Damen Haile Mariam; Carlos Del Rio; Henry Blumberg; Dawn Comeau