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Combined impact of Medicare's hospital pay for performance programs on quality and safety outcomes is mixed

by Ilana Graetz; TM Waters; N Burns; CM Kaplan; J Benitez; R Cardarelli; MJ Daniels



"Nobody Will Tell You. You've Got to Ask!": An Examination of Patient-provider Communication Needs and Preferences among Black and White Women with Early-stage Breast Cancer

by Ilana Graetz; JN Anderson; JC Graff; RA Krukowski; L Schwartzberg; GA Vidal; TM Waters; AJ Paladino; TN Jones; R Blue; M Kocak



THRIVE intervention development: Using participatory action research principles to guide a mHealth app-based intervention to improve oncology care

by Ilana Graetz; JN Anderson; RA Krukowski; AJ Paladino; JC Graff; L Schwartzberg; AN Curry; GA Vidal; TN Jones; TM Waters



Social Disparities of Pain and Pain Intensity Among Women Diagnosed With Early Stage Breast Cancer

by Ilana Graetz; HY Choi; A Shaban-Nejad; L Schwartzberg; G Vidal; RL Davis; EK Shin



Patient Characteristics Associated With Choosing a Telemedicine Visit vs Office Visit With the Same Primary Care Clinicians

by Mary E. Reed; Jie Huang; Ilana Graetz; Catherine Lee; Emilie Muelly; Chris Kennedy; Eeileen Kim