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Identification of human plasma cells with a lamprey monoclonal antibody

by Cuiling Yu; Yanling Liu; Justin Tze Ho Chan; Jiefei Tong; Zhihua Li; Brantley Herrin; Frances Lee; Ignacio Sanz; Max Cooper; David Jaye



Failure of B Cell Tolerance in CVID

by Christopher T. Richardson; Maria A. Slack; Gitika Dhillon; Carolina Z. Marcus; Jennifer Barnard; Arumugam Palanichamy; Ignacio Sanz; Richard John Looney; Jennifer H. Anolik



Primary Sjogren's Syndrome Is Characterized by Distinct Phenotypic and Transcriptional Profiles of IgD plus Unswitched Memory B Cells

by Mustimbo E. P. Roberts; Denise Kaminski; Scott A. Jenks; Craig Maguire; Kathryn Ching; Peter D. Burbelo; Michael J. Iadarola; Alexander Rosenberg; Andreea Coca; Jennifer Anolik; Ignacio Sanz



The Abnormal CD4+T Lymphocyte Subset Distribution and Vbeta Repertoire in New-onset Rheumatoid Arthritis Can Be Modulated by Methotrexate Treament

by Jorge Monserrat; Cristina Bohorquez; Ana Maria Gomez Lahoz; Atusa Movasat; Ana Perez; Lucia Ruiz; David Diaz; Luis Chara; Ana Isabel Sanchez; Fernando Albarran; Ignacio Sanz; Melchor Alvarez-Mon



The number of circulating monocytes as biomarkers of the clinical response to methotrexate in untreated patients with rheumatoid arthritis

by Luis Chara; Ana Sanchez-Atrio; Ana Perez; Eduardo Cuende; Fernando Albarran; Ana Turrion; Julio Chevarria; Angel Asunsolo del Barco; Miguel A Sanchez; Jorge Monserrat; Alfredo Prieto; Antonio de la Hera; Ignacio Sanz; David Diaz; Melchor Alvarez-Mon