Ioannis Karakis


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Response Rates to Anticonvulsant Trials in Patients with Triphasic-Wave EEG Patterns of Uncertain Significance

by Deirdre O'Rourke; Patrick M. Chen; Nicolas Gaspard; Brandon Foreman; Lauren McClain; Ioannis Karakis; Advait Mahulikar; M. Brandon Westover



Prognostic value of EEG asymmetries for development of drug-resistance in drug-naïve patients with genetic generalized epilepsies

by Ioannis Karakis; Jay S. Pathmanathan; Richard Chang; E. Francis Cook; Sydney S. Cash; Andrew J. Cole



MRI-based deep learning can discriminate between temporal lobe epilepsy, Alzheimer's disease, and healthy controls.

by Allen J. Chang; Rebecca Roth; Eleni Bougioukli; Theodor Ruber; Simon S. Keller; Daniel Drane; Robert Gross; James Welsh; Anees Abrol; Vince Calhoun; Ioannis Karakis; Erik Kaestner; Bernd Weber; Carrie McDonald; Ezequiel Gleichgerrcht; Leonardo Bonilha



DDESVSFS: A simple, rapid and comprehensive screening tool for the Differential Diagnosis of Epileptic Seizures VS Functional Seizures

by Nicholas J Janocko; Jin Jing; Ziwei Fan; Diane L Teagarden; Hannah K Villarreal; Matthew L Morton; Olivia Groover; David Loring; Daniel Drane; Brandon M Westover; Ioannis Karakis



Are brain MRI abnormalities associated with the semiology of functional seizures?

by Ioannis Karakis; AA Asadi-Pooya; WT Kerr; K Kanemoto; A Daza-Restrepo; M Farazdaghi; FJ Horbatch; NJ Beimer; DE Eliashiv; A Risman; Y Sugimoto; B Giagante



Competency-based EEG education: a list of "must-know" EEG findings for adult and child neurology residents

by Ioannis Karakis; FA Nascimento; J Jing; R Strowd; IS Sheikh; D Weber; JR Gavvala; A Maheshwari; A Tanner; M Ng; KP Vinayan; SR Sinha; EM Yacubian; VR Rao; MS Perry; NB Fountain; E Wirrell; F Yuan; D Friedman; H Tankisi; S Rampp; R Fasano; JM Wilmshurst; C O'Donovan; D Schomer; PW Kaplan; MR Sperling; S Benbadis; MB Westover; S Beniczky