Ira R Horowitz MD


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Use of Unsolicited Patient Observations to Identify Surgeons With Increased Risk for Postoperative Complications

by William O. Cooper; Oscar Guillamondegui; O. Joe Hines; C. Scott Hultman; Rachel R. Kelz; Perry Shen; David A. Spain; John F Sweeney; Ilene N. Moore; Joseph Hopkins; Ira R Horowitz; Russell M. Howerton; J. Wayne Meredith; Nathan O Spell III; Patricia Sullivan; Henry J. Domenico; James W. Pichert; Thomas F. Catron; Lynn E. Webb; Roger R. Dmochowski; Jan Karrass; Gerald B. Hickson



Candidal Retinitis in a Gynecologic Patient

by Pleas R. Gopas; Cyril O. Spann; Jennifer I. Lim; Ira Horowitz



Early detection of ovarian cancer using the risk of ovarian cancer algorithm with frequent CA125 testing in women at increased familial risk – Combined results from two screening trials

by Steven J. Skates; Mark H. Greene; Saundra S. Buys; Phuong L. Mai; Powel Brown; Marion Piedmonte; Gustavo Rodriguez; John O. Schorge; Mark Sherman; Mary B. Daly; Thomas Rutherford; Wendy R. Brewster; David M. O'Malley; Edward Partridge; John Boggess; Charles W. Drescher; Claudine Isaacs; Andrew Berchuck; Susan Domchek; Susan A. Davidson; Robert Edwards; Steven A. Elg; Katie Wakeley; Kelly-Anne Phillips; Deborah Armstrong; Ira R Horowitz; Carol J. Fabian; Joan Walker; Patrick M. Sluss; William Welch