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Increased Alcohol Consumption in Mice Lacking Sodium Bicarbonate Transporter NBCn1

by Jesse R. Schank; Soojung Lee; Carlos Gonzalez Islas; Sadie E. Nennig; Hannah D. Fulenwider; Jianjun Chang; Jun Ming Li; Yeijn Kim; Lauren A. Jeffers; Jaegwon Chung; Jae-Kyung Lee; Zhe Jin; Christian Aalkjaer; Ebbe Boedtkjer; Inyeong Choi



Mutation of Aspartate 555 of the Sodium/Bicarbonate Transporter SLC4A4/NBCe1 Induces Chloride Transport

by Han Soo Yang; Eunjin Kim; Soojung Lee; Hae Jeong Park; Deborah S. Cooper; Ira Rajbhandari; Inyeong Choi



Coexpression of MAST205 inhibits the activity of Na+ /H+ exchanger NHE3

by Dongsheng Wang; Hye Jeong Lee; Deborah S. Cooper; Ludmila Cebotaro; Paul D. Walden; Inyeong Choi; Chris Yun



Neuronal expression of sodium/bicarbonate cotransporter NBCn1 (SLC4A7) and its response to chronic metabolic acidosis

by Hae Jeong Park; Ira Rajbhandari; Han Soo Yang; Soojung Lee; Delia Cucoranu; Deborah S. Cooper; Janet D Klein; Jeff M Sands; Inyeong Choi



PSD-95 Interacts with NBCn1 and Enhances Channel-like Activity without Affecting Na/HCO3 Cotransport

by Soojung Lee; Han Soo Yang; Eunjin Kim; Eun Ji Ju; Min Hyung Kwon; R. Kyle Dudley; Yoland Smith; Chris Yun; Inyeong Choi