Hongjie Yuan MD, PhD


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Clinical and therapeutic significance of genetic variation in the GRIN gene family encoding NMDARs

by Tim A Benke; Kristen Park; Ilona Krey; Chad R Camp; Rui Song; Amy J Ramsey; Hongjie Yuan; Stephen Traynelis; Johannes Lemke



Negative allosteric modulation of GluN1/GluN3 NMDA receptors

by Zongjian Zhu; Feng Yi; Matthew P Epplin; Ding Liu; Samantha L Summer; Ruth Mizu; Gil Shaulsky; Wenshu XiangWei; Weiting Tang; Pieter B Burger; David Menaldino; Scott Myers; Dennis Liotta; Kasper B Hansen; Hongjie Yuan; Stephen Traynelis; first name last name



A de novo GRIN1 Variant Associated With Myoclonus and Developmental Delay: From Molecular Mechanism to Rescue Pharmacology

by Jin Zhang; Weiting Tang; Nidhi K Bhatia; Yuchen Xu; Nabina Paudyal; Ding Liu; Sukhan Kim; Rui Song; Wenshu XiangWei; Gil Shaulsky; Scott Myers; William Dobyns; Vasanthi Jayaraman; Stephen Traynelis; Hongjie Yuan; Xiuhua Bozarth



A subunit-selective potentiator of NR2C- and NR2D-containing NMDA receptors

by Praseeda Mullasseril; Kasper B. Hansen; Katie M. Vance; Kevin K. Ogden; Hongjie Yuan; Natalie L. Kurtkaya; Rose Santangelo; Anna G. Orr; Phuong Le; Kimberly M. Vellano; Dennis C Liotta; Stephen F. Traynelis



Synthesis, structural activity-relationships, and biological evaluation of novel amide-based allosteric binding site antagonists in NR1A/NR2B N-methyl-D-aspartate receptors

by Cara A. Mosley; Scott J. Myers; Ernest E. Murray; Rose Santangelo; Yesim A. Tahirovic; Natalie Kurtkaya; Praseeda Mullasseril; Hongjie Yuan; Polina Lyuboslavsky; Phuong Le; Lawrence Wilson; Manuel Yepes; Raymond J Dingledine; Stephen F. Traynelis; Dennis C Liotta



Astrocytic control of synaptic NMDA receptors

by C Justin Lee; Guido Mannaioni; Hongjie Yuan; Dong Ho Woo; Melissa B Gingrich; Stephen F Traynelis