Huixia Wu PhD


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Bioengineering Bacterially Derived Immunomodulants: A Therapeutic Approach to Inflammatory Bowel Disease

by Lina Herrera Estrada; Huixia Wu; Kevin Ling; Guikai Zhang; Ronen Suinagin; Charles A. Parkos; Rheinallt Jones; Julie A. Champion; Andrew Neish



Anti-tumor efficacy of BEZ235 is complemented by its anti-angiogenic effects via downregulation of PI3K-mTOR-HIF1alpha signaling in HER2-defined breast cancers

by Nandini Dey; Yuliang Sun; Jennifer H. Carlson; Huixia Wu; Xiaogian Lin; Brian Leyland-Jones; Pradip De



The microenvironment of injured murine gut elicits a local pro-restitutive microbiota

by Ashfaqul Alam; Giovanna Leoni; Miguel Quiros; Huixia Wu; Chirayu Desai; Hikaru Nishio; Rheinallt Jones; Asma Nusrat; Andrew Neish