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Lentiviral Vector Platform for Production of Bioengineered Recombinant Coagulation Factor VIII

by Harold Trent Spencer; Gabriela Denning; Richard E Gautney; Boro Dropulic; Andre J Roy; Lajos Baranyi; Bagirath Gangadharan; Ernest Theodore Parker; Pete Lollar; Christopher Doering



Target-Cell-Directed Bioengineering Approaches for Gene Therapy of Hemophilia A.

by Harrison C. Brown; Philip M. Zakas; Stephan N. George; Ernest T. Parker; Harold Trent Spencer; Christopher Doering



Improving T-cell expansion and function for adoptive T-cell therapy using ex vivo treatment with PI3Kδ inhibitors and VIP antagonists.

by Christopher T. Petersen; Mojibade Hassan; Anna B. Morris; Jasmin Jeffery; Kunhee Lee; Neera Jagirdar; Ashley D. Staton; Sunil Sudhir Raikar; Harold Trent Spencer; Todd Sulchek; Christopher R Flowers; Edmund K Waller



Effects of Shear Stress on Production of FVIII and vWF in a Cell-Based Therapeutic for Hemophilia A

by Christopher Doering; H Trent Spencer; B Trevisan; A Morsi; J Aleman; M Rodriguez; J Shields; D Meares; AM Farland; A Atala; A Skardal; CD Porada; G Almeida-Porada



Genetic engineering of chimeric antigen receptors using lamprey derived variable lymphocyte receptors

by Robert Moot; Sunil Sudhir Raikar; Lauren Fleischer; Melissa Querrey; Daniel E. Tylawsky; Hirotomo Nakahara; Christopher Doering; Harold Trent Spencer