Helena Pachon PhD, MPH


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Consumption of Fortified Wheat Flour and Associations with Anemia and Low Serum Ferritin in Colombia.

by Amy Fothergill; Zulma YF Centeno; Paul René Ocampo Téllez; Helena Pachón



The nutrition transition in Colombia over a decade: A novel household classification system of anthropometric measures

by Diana C. Parra; Lora Iannotti; Luis F. Gomez; Helena Pachon; Debra Haire-Joshu; Olga L. Sarmiento; Anne Sebert Kuhlmann; Ross C. Brownson



Designing appropriate complementary feeding recommendations: tools for programmatic action

by Bernadette Daelmans; Elaine Ferguson; Chessa K Lutter; Neha Singh; Helena Pachon; Hilary Creed-Kanashiro; Monica Woldt; Nuné Mangasaryan; Edith Cheung; Roger Mir; Rossina Pareja; André Briend



Fortified Foods Are Major Contributors to Apparent Intakes of Vitamin A and Iodine, but Not Iron, in Diets of Women of Reproductive Age in 4 African Countries

by Valerie M. Friesen; Mduduzi N.N. Mbuya; Grant J. Aaron; Helena Pachon; Olufemi Adegoke; Ramadhani A. Noor; Rina Swart; Archileo Kaaya; Frank T. Wieringa; Lynette Neufeld



Fortification of wheat and maize flour with folic acid for population health outcomes

by Elizabeth Centeno Tablante; Helena Pachon; Heather M. Guetterman; Julia L. Finkelstein



Review of Grain Fortification Legislation, Standards, and Monitoring Documents.

by Kristin J. Marks; Corey L. Luthringer; Laird J. Ruth; Laura A. Rowe; Noor A. Khan; Luz María De-Regil; Ximena López; Helena Pachon