Hari Trivedi

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Email: hari.trivedi@emory.edu

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Assistant Professor

SOM: Rad: Emergency Radiology

School Of Medicine

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Evaluation of Combined Artificial Intelligence and Radiologist Assessment to Interpret Screening Mammograms

by Hari Trivedi; T Schaffter; DSM Buist; C Lee; Y Nikulin; D Ribli; Y Guan; W Lotter; Z Jie; H Du; S Wang; J Feng; M Feng; H-E Kim; F Albiol; A Albiol; S Morrell; Z Wojna; ME Ahsen; U Asif; AJ Yepes; S Yohanandan; S Rabinovici-Cohen; D Yi; B Hoff; T Yu; EC Neto; DL Rubin; P Lindholm; LR Margolies; RB McBride; JH Rothstein; W Sieh; R Ben-Ari; S Harrer; A Trister; S Friend; T Norman; B Sahiner; F Strand; J Guinney; G Stolovitzky