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Proceedings of the fourth annual deep brain stimulation think tank: A review of emerging issues and technologies

by Wissam Deeb; James J. Giordano; Peter J. Rossi; Alon Y. Mogilner; Aysegul Gunduz; Jack W. Judy; Bryan T. Klassen; Christopher R. Butson; Craig Van Horne; Damiaan Deny; Darin D. Dougherty; David Rowell; Greg A. Gerhardt; Gwenn S. Smith; Francisco A. Ponce; Harrison C. Walker; Helen M. Bronte-Stewart; Helen Mayberg; Howard J. Chizeck; Jean-Philippe Langevin; Jens Volkmann; Jill L. Ostrem; Jonathan B. Shute; Joohi Jimenez-Shahed; Kelly D. Foote; Aparna Wagle Shukla; Marvin A. Rossi; Michael Oh; Michael Pourfar; Paul B. Rosenberg; Peter A. Silburn; Coralie de Hemptine; Philip A. Starr; Timothy Denison; Umer Akbar; Warren M. Grill; Michael S. Okun



Mapping depression rating scale phenotypes onto research domain criteria (RDoC) to inform biological research in mood disorders

by T. Ahmed Ahmed; Mark A. Frye; A. John Rush; Joanna M. Biernacka; W Edward Craighead; William M. McDonald; William V. Bobo; Patricio Riva Posse; Suzanne J. Tye; Helen S Mayberg; Daniel Hall-Flavin; Michelle K. Skime; Greg D. Jenkins; Liewei Wang; Ranga Rama Krishnan; Richard M. Weinshilboum; Rima Kaddurah-Daouk; Boadie W Dunlop



Defective Inflammatory Pathways in Never-Treated Depressed Patients Are Associated with Poor Treatment Response

by Shariful A. Syed; Eleanore Beurel; David A. Loewenstein; Jeffrey A. Lowell; Boadie Dunlop; Wade Craighead; Helen Mayberg; Firdaus Dhabhar; W. Dalton Dietrich; Robert W. Keane; Juan Pablo de Rivero Vaccari; Charles B. Nemeroff



Pilot Study of Metabolomic Clusters as State Markers of Major Depression and Outcomes to CBT Treatment

by Sudeepa Bhattacharyya; Boadie W Dunlop; Siamak Mahmoudiandehkordi; Ahmed T. Ahmed; Gregory Louie; Mark A. Frye; Richard M. Weinshilboum; Ranga R. Krishnan; A. John Rush; Helen S Mayberg; W Edward Craighead; Rima Kaddurah-Daouk



A Shared Vision for Machine Learning in Neuroscience

by Mai-Anh T. Vu; Tülay Adali; Demba Ba; Gyorgy Buzsaki; David Carlson; Katherine Heller; Conor Liston; Cynthia Rudin; Vikaas S. Sohal; Alik S. Widge; Helen S Mayberg; Guillermo Sapiro; Kafui Dzirasa