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Translation is actively regulated during the differentiation of CD8(+) effector T cells

by Koichi Araki; Masahiro Morita; Annelise G. Bederman; Bogumila T. Konieczny; Haydn Thomas Kissick; Nahum Sonenberg; Rafi Ahmed



Defining CD8(+) T cells that provide the proliferative burst after PD-1 therapy

by Sejin Im; Masao Hashimoto; Michael Y. Gerner; Junghwa Lee; Haydn Kissick; Matheus C. Urger; Qiang Shan; J. Scott Hale; Judong Lee; Tahseen H. Nasti; Arlene H. Sharpe; Gordon J. Freeman; Ronald N. Germain; Helder Nakaya; Hai-Hui Xue; Rafi Ahmed



Defining antigen-specific plasmablast and memory B cell subsets in human blood after viral infection or vaccination

by Ali Ellebedy; Katherine J.L. Jackson; Haydn Kissick; Helder I. Nakaya; Carl W. Davis; Krishna M. Roskin; Anita K. McElroy; Christine M. Oshansky; Rivka Elbein; Shine Thomas; George Lyon III; Christina F. Spiropoulou; Aneesh Mehta; Paul G. Thomas; Scott D. Boyd; Rafi Ahmed



The transcription factor ERG increases expression of neurotransmitter receptors on prostate cancer cells

by Haydn Kissick; Seung T. On; Laura K. Dunn; Martin G. Sanda; John M. Asara; Kathryn L. Pellegrini; Jonathan K. Noel; Mohamed S. Arredouani