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Hold that pose: capturing cervical dystonia's head deviation severity from video

by Hyder Jinnah; Stewart Factor; Z Zhang; E Cisneros; HY Lee; JP Vu; Q Chen; CN Benadof; J Whitehill; R Rouzbehani; DT Sy; JS Huang; TJ Sejnowski; J Jankovic; CG Goetz; RL Barbano; JS Perlmutter; BD Berman; SP Richardson; GT Stebbins; CL Comella; DA Peterson



Limited regional cerebellar dysfunction induces focal dystonia in mice

by Robert S. Raike; Carolyn Pizoli; Catherine Weisz; Arn M J. M. van den Maagdenberg; Hyder A Jinnah; Ellen Hess



Potential mechanisms for low uric acid in Parkinson disease

by Radhika Sampat; Sarah Young; Ami Rosen; Douglas Bernhard; David Millington; Stewart Factor; Hyder A Jinnah



Do clinical features of Lesch-Nyhan disease correlate more closely with hypoxanthine or guanine recycling?

by David J. Schretlen; Wynne Callon; Rebecca E. Ward; Rong Fu; Tiffany Ho; Barry Gordon; James C. Harris; Hyder A Jinnah



Diagnostic criteria for blepharospasm: A multicenter international study

by Hyder Jinnah; G Defazio; A Berardelli; JS Perlmutter; GK Berkmen; BD Berman; J Jankovic; T Baeumer; C Comella; AC Cotton; T Ercoli; G Ferrazzano; S Fox; H-J Kim; ES Moukheiber; SP Richardson; A Weissbach; LJ Wrigth; M Hallett



Physiological levels of folic acid reveal purine alterations in Lesch-Nyhan disease

by Jose M. Lopez; Esther L. Outtrim; Rong Fu; Diane J. Sutcliffe; Rosa J. Torres; Hyder Jinnah



The partnership of patient advocacy groups and clinical investigators in the rare diseases clinical research network

by Peter A. Merkel; Michele Manion; Rashmi Gopal-Srivastava; Stephen Groft; Hyder Jinnah; David Robertson; Jeffrey P. Krischer



Stress, caffeine and ethanol trigger transient neurological dysfunction through shared mechanisms in a mouse calcium channelopathy

by Robert S. Raike; Catherine Weisz; Freek E. Hoebeek; Matthew C. Terzi; Chris I. De Zeeuw; Arn M. van den Maagdenberg; Hyder A Jinnah; Ellen Hess



Deep Brain Stimulation for Dystonia: A Novel Perspective on the Value of Genetic Testing

by Hyder A Jinnah; Ron Alterman; Christine Klein; Joachim K. Krauss; Elena Moro; Marie Vidailhet; Robert Raike