Hyder A Jinnah MD/PhD

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SOM: Neurology: Movement Disor

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Macrocytic anemia in Lesch-Nyhan disease and its variants

by Hasan F. Cakmakli; Rosa J. Torres; Araceli Menendez; Gul Yalcin-Cakmakli; Christopher Porter; Juan Garcia Puig; Hyder Jinnah



Attenuated variants of Lesch-Nyhan disease

by Hyder A Jinnah; Irene Ceballos-Picot; Rosa J. Torres; Jasper E. Visser; David J. Schretlen; Alfonso Verdu; Laura E. Laróvere; Chung-Jen Chen; Antonello Cossu; Chien-Hui Wu; Radhika Sampat; Shun-Jen Chang; Raquel Dodelson de Kremer; William Nyhan; James C. Harris; Stephen G. Reich; Juan G. Puig



Clinimetric testing of the comprehensive cervical dystonia rating scale

by C. L. Comella; J.S. Perlmutter; Hyder Jinnah; T. A. Waliczek; A. R. Rosen; W. R. Galpern; C. A. Adler; R. L. Barbano; Stewart Factor; C. G. Goetz; J. Jankovic; S. G. Reich; R. L. Rodriguez; W. L. Severt; M. Zurowski; S. H. Fox; G. T. Stebbins



Naming Genes for Dystonia: DYT-z or Ditzy?

by Niccolo E. Mencacci; Hyder Jinnah



Involuntary Thumb Flexion on Neurological Examination: An Unusual Form of Upper Limb Dystonia in the Faroe Islands

by Christine Y. Kim; Maria Skaalum Petersen; Eina H. Eliasen; Giovanni Defazio; Paul Greene; Hyder Jinnah; Marina A. J. Tijssen; Elan D. Louis



Diagnostic and clinical experience of patients with pantothenate kinase-associated neurodegeneration

by Randall D. Marshall; Abigail Collins; Maria L. Escolar; Hyder Jinnah; Thomas Klopstock; Michael C. Kruer; Aleksandar Videnovic; Amy Robichaux-Viehoever; Colleen Burns; Laura L. Swett; Dennis A. Revicki; Randall H. Bender; William R. Lenderking



Consequences of Delayed Dental Extraction in Lesch-Nyhan Disease

by Emily M. Goodman; Rosa J. Torres; Juan G. Puig; Hyder Jinnah