Hyacinth I. Hyacinth MD, PhD, MPH

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Phone: 404-727-8838

Email: hhyacinth@emory.edu

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SOM: Peds: Sickle Cell

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Epigenetic Reexpression of Hemoglobin F Using Reversible LSD1 Inhibitors: Potential Therapies for Sickle Cell Disease

by Steven Holshouser; Rebecca Cafiero; Mayra Robinson; Joy Kirkpatrick; Robert A. Casero, Jr.; Hyacinth Hyacinth; Patrick M. Woster



Early Rehabilitation After Stroke: a Narrative Review

by Elisheva R. Coleman; Rohitha Moudgal; Kathryn Lang; Hyacinth Idu Hyacinth; Oluwole O. Awosika; Brett M. Kissela; Wuwei Feng



Association of sickle cell trait with measures of cognitive function and dementia in African Americans

by Nemin Chen; Christina Caruso; Alvaro Alonso; Vimal K. Derebail; Abhijit V. Kshirsagar; A. Richey Sharrett; Nigel S. Key; Rebecca F. Gottesman; Megan L. Grove; Jan Bressler; Eric Boerwinkle; B. Gwen Windham; Thomas H. Mosley, Jr.; Hyacinth Idu Hyacinth



GWAS and colocalization analyses implicate carotid intima-media thickness and carotid plaque loci in cardiovascular outcomes

by Adolfo Correa; Hyacinth Idu Hyacinth; Harold Snieder; Harry Campbell; Henry Völzke; Hugh S. Markus; Ian J. Deary; J. Wouter Jukema; Jacqueline de Graaf; Jacqueline Price; Janne Pott; Meena Kumari



Sickle cell trait and risk of cognitive impairment in African-Americans: The REGARDS cohort

by Christina R. Cahill; Justin M. Leach; Leslie A. McClure; Marguerite Ryan Irvin; Neil A. Zakai; Rakhi Naik; Frederick Unverzagt; Virginia G. Wadley; Hyacinth Hyacinth; Jennifer Manly; Suzanne E. Judd; Cheryl Winkler; Mary Cushman



Effect of Chronic Blood Transfusion on Biomarkers of Coagulation Activation and Thrombin Generation in Sickle Cell Patients at Risk for Stroke

by Hyacinth Hyacinth; Robert J. Adams; Charles S. Greenberg; Jenifer H. Voeks; Allyson Hill; Jacqueline M Hibbert; Beatrice E. Gee



Body composition and grip strength are improved in transgenic sickle mice fed a high-protein diet.

by Patrice L. Capers; Hyacinth Hyacinth; Shayla Cue; Prasanthi Chappa; Tatyana Vikulina; Susanne Roser-Page; M. Neale Weitzmann; David Archer; Gale W. Newman; Alexander Quarshie; Jonathan K. Stiles; Jacqueline M. Hibbert



An investigation of the antioxidant capacity in extracts from Moringa oleifera plants grown in Jamaica

by Racquel J. Wright; Ken S. Lee; Hyacinth Idu Hyacinth; Jacqueline M. Hibbert; Marvin E. Reid; Andrew O. Wheatley; Helen N. Asemota