Heather Hipp


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FXPOI: Pattern of AGG Interruptions Does not Show an Association With Age at Amenorrhea Among Women With a Premutation

by Emily Graves Allen; Anne Glicksman; Nicole Tortora; Krista Charen; Weiya He; Ashima Amin; Heather Hipp; Lisa Shubeck; Sarah L. Nolin; Stephanie Sherman



Clustering of comorbid conditions among women who carry an FMR1 premutation

by Emily Allen; Krista Charen; Heather Hipp; Lisa Shubeck; Ashima Amin; Weiya He; Jessica Ezzell Hunter; Stephanie Sherman



Climbing the Branches of a Family Tree: Diagnosis of Fragile X Syndrome

by Jeannie Visootsak; Heather Hipp; Heather Clark; Elizabeth Berry-Kravis; Tovi Anderson; Dawn Laney