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The impact of transfused blood products on deceased donor HLA typing

by Reuben Jacob; Christina L. Dean; Scott Krummey; Zuleikha Shah; Nathaniel Sutherland; Casey Orear; Howard Gebel; Robert Bray; Harold Sullivan



The Role of Donor- Specific HLA Alloantibodies in Liver Transplantation

by J.G. O'Leary; A.J. Demetris; L.S. Friedman; Howard Gebel; P.F. Halloran; Allan Kirk; Stuart Knechtle; S.V. McDiarmid; A. Shaked; P.I. Terasaki; K.J. Tinckam; S.J. Tomlanovich; K.J. Wood; E.S. Woodle; A.A. Zachary; G.B. Klintmalm



HLA Alloimmunization Is Associated With RBC Antibodies in Multiply Transfused Patients With Sickle Cell Disease

by Marianne E. McPherson; Alan R. Anderson; Marta-Ines Castillejo; Christopher D. Hillyer; Robert Bray; Howard Gebel; Cassandra Josephson



Sensitization in transplantation: Assessment of risk (STAR) 2019 Working Group Meeting Report

by Anat R. Tambur; Patricia Campbell; Anita S. Chong; Sandy Feng; Mandy Ford; Howard Gebel; Ronald G. Gill; Garnett Kelsoe; Vasilis Kosmoliaptsis; Roslyn B. Mannon; Michael Mengel; Elaine F. Reed; Nicole M. Valenzuela; Chris Wiebe; I. Esme Dijke; Harold Sullivan; Peter Nickerson



APOL1 Genotype and Kidney Transplantation Outcomes From Deceased African American Donors

by Barry I. Freedman; Stephen Pastan; Ajay K. Israni; David Schladt; Bruce A. Julian; Michael D. Gautreaux; Vera Hauptfeld; Robert Bray; Howard Gebel; Allan D Kirk; Robert S. Gaston; Jeffrey Rogers; Alan C. Farney; Giuseppe Orlando; Robert J. Stratta; Sumit Mohan; Lijun Ma; Carl D. Langefeld; Donald W. Bowden; Pamela J. Hicks; Nicholette D. Palmer; Amudha Palanisamy; Amber M. Reeves-Daniel; W. Mark Brown; Jasmin Divers