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p90 RSK2 Mediates Antianoikis Signals by both Transcription-Dependent and -Independent Mechanisms

by Lingtao Jin; Dan Li; Jong Seok Lee; Shannon Elf; Gina N. Alesi; Jun Fan; HeeBum Kang; Dongsheng Wang; Haian Fu; Jack Taunton; Titus J. Boggon; Meghan Tucker; Ting-Lei Gu; Zhuo G. Chen; Dong M Shin; Fadlo Khuri; Sumin Kang



Integration of Apoptosis Signal-Regulating Kinase 1-Mediated Stress Signaling with the Akt/Protein Kinase B-IκB Kinase Cascade

by Mary C. Puckett; Erinn H. Goldman; Lisa M. Cockrell; Bei Huang; Andrea L. Kasinski; Yuhong Du; Cun-Yu Wang; Anning Lin; Hidenori Ichijo; Fadlo Khuri; Haian Fu



EGFR-phosphorylated GDH1 harmonizes with RSK2 to drive CREB activation and tumor metastasis in EGFR-activated lung cancer

by JiHoon Kang; Jaemoo Chun; Jung Seok Hwang; Chaoyun Pan; Jie Li; Austin C Boese; Isabelle Young; Courtney M Malin; Yibin Kang; Don L Gibbons; Gabriel Sica; Haian Fu; Suresh Ramalingam; Lingtao Jin; Sumin Kang



Characterization of covalent inhibitors that disrupt the interaction between the tandem SH2 domains of SYK and FCER1G phospho-ITAM

by Haian Fu; FM Bashore; VL Katis; Y Du; A Sikdar; D Wang; WJ Bradshaw; KA Rygiel; TM Leisner; R Chalk; S Mishra; AC Williams; O Gileadi; PE Brennan; JC Wiley; J Gockley; GA Cary; GW Carter; JE Young; KH Pearce; AD Axtman



Development of FERM domain protein-protein interaction inhibitors for MSN and CD44 as a potential therapeutic strategy for Alzheimer’s disease

by Haian Fu; Yuhong Du; Andrey Ivanov; Allan Levey; WJ Bradshaw; TM Leisner; JK Annor-Gyamfi; K Qian; FM Bashore; A Sikdar; FO Nwogbo; SV Frye; O Gileadi; PE Brennan; AD Axtman; KH Pearce; VL Katis



Bromocriptine monotherapy overcomes prostate cancer chemoresistance in preclinical models

by Haian Fu; Omer Kucuk; Daqing Wu; Yuhong Du; L Bai; X Li; Y Yang; R Zhao; EZ White; A Danaher; NJ Bowen; CV Hinton; N Cook; D Li; M Qui



Discovery of the first chemical tools to regulate MKK3-mediated MYC activation in cancer

by Xuan Yang; Dacheng Fan; Aidan H Troha; Hyunjun Max Ahn; Kun Qian; Bo Liang; Yuhong Du; Haian Fu; Andrey Ivanov