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The intersectional risk environment of people who use drugs

by Alexandra B. Collins; Jade Boyd; Hannah Cooper; Ryan McNeil



Public Housing Relocations and Partnership Dynamics in Areas With High Prevalences of Sexually Transmitted Infections

by Hannah Cooper; Loida Elena Bonney; Ruiyan Luo; Danielle F. Haley; Sabriya L. Linton; Josalin Hunter-Jones; Zev Ross; Gina M Wingood; Adaora A. Adimora; Richard Rothenberg



Change and variability in drug treatment coverage among people who inject drugs in 90 large metropolitan areas in the USA, 1993-2007

by Barbara Tempalski; Charles M. Cleland; Leslie D. Williams; Hannah Cooper; Samuel R. Friedman



Identifying Which Place Characteristics are Associated with the Odds of Recent HIV Testing in a Large Sample of People Who Inject Drugs in 19 US Metropolitan Areas

by Barbara Tempalski; Hannah Cooper; Mary Kelley; Sabriya Linton; Mary E. Wolfe; Yen-Tyng Chen; Zev Ross; Don C. Des Jarlais; Samuel R. Friedman; Leslie D. Williams; Salaam Semaan; Elizabeth DiNenno; Cyprian Wejnert; Dita Broz; Gabriella Paz-Bailey; Samuel Jenness



Impact of Health Insurance, ADAP, and Income on HIV Viral Suppression Among US Women in the Women's Interagency HIV Study, 2006-2009

by Christina Ludema; Stephen R. Cole; Joseph J. Eron; Andrew Edmonds; G. Mark Holmes; Kathryn Anastos; Jennifer Cocohoba; Mardge Cohen; Hannah Cooper; Elizabeth T. Golub; Seble Kassaye; Deborah Konkle-Parker; Lisa Metsch; Joel Milam; Tracey E. Wilson; Adaora A. Adimora



Characterizing the Rural Opioid Use Environment in Kentucky Using Google Earth: Virtual Audit (vol 21, e14923, 2019)

by Natalie Crawford; Regine Haardoerfer; Hannah Cooper; Izraelle McKinnon; Carla Jones-Harrell; April Ballard; Sierra Shantel von Hellens; April Young