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Statins Decrease Oxidative Stress and ICD Therapies

by Heather Bloom; Irfan Shukrullah; Emir Veledar; Rebecca Gutmann; Barry London; Samuel C. Dudley, Jr.



Left Ventricular Dilatation Increases the Risk of Ventricular Arrhythmias in Patients With Reduced Systolic Function

by Ryan G. Aleong; Matthew J. Mulvahill; Indrani Halder; Nichole E. Carlson; Madhurmeet Singh; Heather Bloom; Samuel C. Dudley; Patrick T. Ellinor; Alaa Shalaby; Raul Weiss; Rebecca Gutmann; William H. Sauer; Kumar Narayanan; Sumeet S. Chugh; Samir Saba; Barry London



Use of healthcare claims to validate the Prevention of Arrhythmia Device Infection Trial cardiac implantable electronic device infection risk score

by Fozia Z. Ahmed; Carina Blomstrom-Lundqvist; Heather Bloom; Christopher Cooper; Christopher Ellis; Andreas Goette; Arnold J. Greenspon; Charles J. Love; Jens Brock Johansen; Francois Philippon; Khaldoun G. Tarakji; Reece Holbrook; Lou Sherfesee; Ying Xia; Swathi Seshadri; Daniel R. Lexcen; Andrew D. Krahn



The genomics of heart failure: design and rationale of the HERMES consortium

by R. Thomas Lumbers; Sonia Shah; Honghuang Lin; Tomasz Czuba; Albert Henry; Daniel I. Swerdlow; Anders Malarstig; Charlotte Andersson; Niek Verweij; Heather Bloom



Genetic variation in the alternative splicing regulator RBM20 is associated with dilated cardiomyopathy

by Marwan M. Refaat; Steven A. Lubitz; Seiko Makino; Zahid Islam; J. Michael Frangiskakis; Haider Mehdi; Rebecca Gutmann; Michael L. Zhang; Heather Bloom; Calum A. MacRae; Samuel C. Dudley; Alaa A. Shalaby; Raul Weiss; Dennis M. McNamara; Barry London; Patrick T. Ellinor



Multi-ethnic genome-wide association study for atrial fibrillation

by Carolina Roselli; Mark D. Chaffin; Lu-Chen Weng; Stefanie Aeschbacher; Gustav Ahlberg; Christine M. Albert; Peter Almgren; Alvaro Alonso; Christopher D. Anderson; Krishna G. Aragam; Dan E. Arking; John Barnard; Traci M. Bartz; Emelia J. Benjamin; Nathan A. Bihlmeyer; Joshua C. Bis; Heather Bloom; Eric Boerwinkle; Erwin B. Bottinger; Jennifer A. Brody