Heather Bloom MD

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Phone: 404-321-6111

Email: heather.bloom@emory.edu

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Assoc Professor

SOM: Medicine: Cardiology

School Of Medicine

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A common variant alters SCN5A-miR-24 interaction and associates with heart failure mortality

by Xiaoming Zhang; Jin-Young Yoon; Michael Morley; Jared M. McLendon; Kranti A. Mapuskar; Rebecca Gutmann; Haider Mehdi; Heather Bloom; Samuel C. Dudley; Patrick T. Ellinor; Alaa A. Shalaby; Raul Weiss; W.H. Wilson Tang; Christine S. Moravec; Madhurmeet Singh; Anne L. Taylor; Clyde W. Yancy; Arthur M. Feldman; Dennis M. McNamara; Kaikobad Irani; Douglas R. Spitz; Patrick Breheny Breheny; Kenneth B. Margulies; Barry London; Ryan L. Boudreau



Statins Decrease Oxidative Stress and ICD Therapies

by Heather Bloom; Irfan Shukrullah; Emir Veledar; Rebecca Gutmann; Barry London; Samuel C. Dudley, Jr.