Hiba Arif Haider MD


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American Clinical Neurophysiology Society's Standardized Critical Care EEG Terminology: 2021 Version

by Suzette Laroche; Lawrence J Hirsch; Michael WK Fong; Markus Leitinger; Suzette M LaRoche; Sandor Beniczky; Nicholas S Abend; Jong Woo Lee; Courtney J Wusthoff; Cecil D Hahn; Brandon M Westover; Elizabeth E Gerard; Susan T Herman; Hiba Haider; Gamaleldin Osman; Andres Rodriguez Ruiz; Carolina B Maciel; Emily J Gilmore; Andres Fernandez; Eric S Rosenthal; Jan Claassen; Aatif M Husain; Ji Yeoun Yoo; Elson L So; Peter W Kaplan; Marc R Nuwer; Michel van Putten; Raoul Sutter; Frank W Drislane; Eugen Trinka; Nicolas Gaspard



A standardized nomenclature for spectrogram EEG patterns: Inter-rater agreement and correspondence with common intensive care unit EEG patterns

by Sahar F Zafar; Edilberto Amorim; Craig A Williamsom; Jin Jing; Emily J Gilmore; Hiba Haider; Christa Swisher; Aaron Struck; Eric S Rosenthal; Marcus Ng; Sarah Schmitt; Jong W Lee; Brandon M Westover



Deep active learning for Interictal Ictal Injury Continuum EEG patterns

by Wendong Ge; Jin Jing; Sungtae An; Aline Herlopian; Marcus Ng; Aaron F Struck; Brian Appavu; Emily L Johnson; Gamaleldin Osman; Hiba Haider; Ioannis Karakis; Jennifer A Kim; Jonathan J Halford; Monica B Dhakarl; Rani A Sarkis; Christa B Swisher; Sarah Schmitt; Jong Woo Lee; Mohammad Tabaeizadeh; Andres Rodriguezi; Nicolas Gaspard; Emily Gilmore; Susan T Herman; Peter W Kaplan; Jay Pathmanathan; Shenda Hong; Eric S Rosenthal; Sahar Zafar; Jimeng Sun; Brandon M Westover



Comparison of machine learning models for seizure prediction in hospitalized patients

by Aaron F. Struck; Andres Rodriguez Ruiz; Gamaledin Osman; Emily J. Gilmore; Hiba Haider; Monica Dhakar; Matthew Schrettner; Jong W. Lee; Nicolas Gaspard; Lawrence J. Hirsch; M. Brandon Westover



Bilateral independent periodic discharges are associated with electrographic seizures and poor outcome: A case-control study

by Gamaleldin Osman; Rahul Rahangdale; Jeffrey W. Britton; Emily J. Gilmore; Hiba Haider; M. Brandon Mendoza