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Genetic Analysis Workshop 14: microsatellite and single-nucleotide polymorphism marker loci for genome-wide scans

by Joan E. Bailey-Wilson; Laura Almasy; Mariza de Andrade; Julia Bailey; Heike Bickeboller; Heather J. Cordell; E. Warwick Daw; Lynn Goldin; Ellen L. Goode; Courtney Gray-McGuire; Wayne Hening; Gail Jarvik; Brion S. Maher; Nancy Mendell; Andrew D. Paterson; John Rice; Glen Satten; Brian Suarez; Veronica Vieland; Marsha Wilcox; Heping Zhang; Andreas Ziegler; Jean W. MacCluer



Investigating childhood leukemia in Churchill County, Nevada

by Carol S. Rubin; Adrianne K. Holmes; Martin G. Belson; Robert L. Jones; W Dana Flanders; Stephanie M. Kieszak; John Osterloh; George Luber; Benjamin C. Blount; Dana Boyd Barr; Karen K. Steinberg; Glen Satten; Michael A. McGeehin; Randall L. Todd



MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry as a tool for differentiation of invasive and noninvasive Streptococcus pyogenes isolates

by Hercules Moura; Adrian R. Woolfitt; Maria G. Carvalho; Antonis Pavlopoulos; Lucia M. Teixeira; Glen Satten; John R. Barr



Genetic studies of a cluster of acute lymphoblastic leukemia cases in Churchill County, Nevada

by Karen K. Steinberg; Mary V. Relling; Margaret L. Gallagher; Christopher N. Greene; Carol S. Rubin; Deborah French; Adrianne K. Holmes; William L. Carroll; Deborah A. Koontz; Eric J. Sampson; Glen Satten