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Associations between microbial communities and key chemical constituents in US domestic moist snuff

by Glen Satten; RE Tyxobert; AJ Rivera; LM Keong; P Kuklenyik; GE Lee; TS Lawler; JB Kimbrell; SB Stanfill; L Valentin-Blasini; CH Watson



Microdeletions of 3q29 Confer High Risk for Schizophrenia

by Jennifer Mulle; Anne F Dodd; John A. McGrath; Paula S. Wolyniec; Adele A. Mitchell; Amol C. Shetty; Nara L. Sobreira; David Valle; M. Katharine Rudd; Glen Alan Satten; David J Cutler; Ann E. Pulver; Stephen T. Warren



Characterization of bacterial communities in selected smokeless tobacco products using 16S rDNA analysis

by Robert E. Tyx; Stephen B. Stanfill; Lisa M. Keong; Angel J. Rivera; Glen Alan Satten; Clifford H. Watson



Bootstrap calibration of TRANSMIT for informative missingness of parental genotype

by Andrew S Allen; Julianne S Collins; Paul J Rathouz; Craig L Selander; Glen Alan Satten



Dysbiosis, inflammation, and response to treatment: A longitudinal study of pediatric subjects with newly diagnosed inflammatory bowel disease

by Kelly A. Shaw; Madeline Bertha; Tatyana Hofmekler; Pankaj Chopra; Tommi Vatanen; Abhiram Srivatsa; Jarod Prince; Archana Kumar; Cary Sauer; Michael Zwick; Glen Satten; Aleksandar D. Kostic; Jennifer Mulle; Ramnik J. Xavier; Subramaniam Kugathasan