Gina M. Northington


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Surgical Outcomes in Benign Gynecologic Surgery Patients during the COVID-19 Pandemic (SOCOVID study)

by Gina Northington; Michael Heit; RM Kho; OH Chang; A Hare; J Schaffer; J Hamner; ND Metcalfe; CB Iglesia; AS Zelivianskaia; H-C Hur; S Seaman; MG Mueller; M Milad; C Ascher-Walsh; K Kossl; C Rardin; M Siddique; M Murphy



Foundational Science and Mechanistic Insights for a Shared Disease Model: An Expert Consensus

by Gina Northington; Robert Kelley; M Alperin; S Abramowitch; M Alarab; M Bortolini; B Brown; LA Burnett; KA Connell; MS Damaser; R de Vita; CE Gargett; MK Guess; Z Guler; RN Jorge; M Kibschull; K Miller; PA Moalli; IU Mysorekar; MR Routzong; O Shynlova; CW Swenson; MA Therriault