Gonzalo Vazquez Prokopec

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Phone: 404-727-4217

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ECAS: Environmental Science

Emory College

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The Risk of West Nile Virus Infection Is Associated with Combined Sewer Overflow Streams in Urban Atlanta, Georgia, USA

by Gonzalo Vazquez Prokopec; Jodi L. Vanden Eng; Rosmarie Kelly; Daniel G. Mead; Priti Kolhe; James Howgate; Uriel Kitron; Thomas R. Burkot



Coupled Heterogeneities and Their Impact on Parasite Transmission and Control

by Gonzalo Vazquez Prokopec; Perkins T. Alex; Lance Waller; Alun L. Lloyd; Robert C. Reiner; Thomas W. Scott; Uriel Kitron



Quantifying the Epidemiological Impact of Vector Control on Dengue

by Robert C. Reiner; Nichole Achee; Roberto Barrera; Thomas R. Burkot; Dave D. Chadee; Gregor J. Devine; Timothy Endy; Duane Gubler; Joachim Hombach; Immo Kleinschmidt; Audrey Lenhart; Steven W. Lindsay; Ira Longini; Mathias Mondy; Amy C. Morrison; T. Alex Perkins; Gonzalo Vazquez Prokopec; Paul Reiter; Scott A. Ritchie; David L. Smith; Daniel Strickman; Thomas W. Scott



Forecasting the effectiveness of indoor residual spraying for reducing dengue burden

by Thomas J. Hladish; Carl A. B. Pearson; Diana Patricia Rojas; Hector Gomez-Dantes; M. Elizabeth Halloran; Gonzalo Vazquez Prokopec; Ira M. Longini



Efficacy of novel indoor residual spraying methods targeting pyrethroid-resistant aedes aegypti within experimental houses

by Mike W. Dunbar; Fabian Correa-Morales; Felipe Dzul-Manzanilla; Anuar Medina-Barreiro; Wilbert Bibiano-Marín; Evaristo Morales-Ríos; Jose Vadillo-Sánchez; Beatriz López-Monroy; Scott A. Ritchie; Audrey Lenhart; Pablo Manrique-Saide; Gonzalo Vazquez Prokopec



Patterns of Geographic Expansion of Aedes aegypti in the Peruvian Amazon

by Sarah Anne Guagliardo; José Luis Barboza; Amy C. Morrison; Helvio Astete; Gonzalo Vazquez Prokopec; Uriel Kitron



Usefulness of commercially available GPS data-loggers for tracking human movement and exposure to dengue virus

by Gonzalo Vazquez Prokopec; Steven T. Stoddard; Valerie Paz-Soldan; Amy C. Morrison; John P. Elder; Tadeusz J. Kochel; Thomas W. Scott; Uriel Kitron



Domestic Animal Hosts Strongly Influence Human-Feeding Rates of the Chagas Disease Vector Triatoma infestans in Argentina

by Ricardo E. Gürtler; Maria C. Cecere; Gonzalo Vazquez Prokopec; Leonardo A. Ceballos; Juan M. Gurevitz; Maria de Pilar Fernández; Uriel Kitron; Joel E. Cohen