Gonzalo Vazquez Prokopec

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Phone: 404-727-4217

Email: gmvazqu@emory.edu

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Assoc Professor

ECAS: Environmental Science

Emory College

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Spatial variation of insecticide resistance in the dengue vector Aedes aegypti presents unique vector control challenges

by Regan Deming; Pablo Manrique-Saide; Anuar Medina Barreiro; Edgar Ulises Koyoc Cardenã; Azael Che-Mendoza; Bryant Jones; Kelly Liebman; Lucrecia Vizcaino; Gonzalo Vazquez Prokopec; Audrey Lenhart



Using GPS Technology to Quantify Human Mobility, Dynamic Contacts and Infectious Disease Dynamics in a Resource-Poor Urban Environment

by Gonzalo Vazquez Prokopec; Donal Bisanzio; Steven T. Stoddard; Valerie Paz-Soldan; Amy C. Morrison; John P. Elder; John Ramirez-Paredes; Eric S. Halsey; Tadeusz J. Kochel; Thomas W. Scott; Uriel Kitron



Deltamethrin resistance in Aedes aegypti results in treatment failure in Merida, Mexico

by Gonzalo Vazquez Prokopec; Anuar Medina-Barreiro; Azael Che-Mendoza; Felipe Dzul-Manzanilla; Fabian Correa-Morales; Guillermo Guillermo-May; Wilbert Bibiano-Marín; Valentín Uc-Puc; Eduardo Geded-Moreno; José Vadillo-Sánchez; Jorge Palacio-Vargas; Scott A. Ritchie; Audrey Lenhart; Pablo Manrique-Saide



Shifting Patterns of Aedes aegypti Fine Scale Spatial Clustering in Iquitos, Peru

by Genevieve LaCon; Amy C. Morrison; Helvio Astete; Steven T. Stoddard; Valerie A. Paz-Soldan; John P. Elder; Eric S. Halsey; Thomas W. Scott; Uriel Kitron; Gonzalo Vazquez Prokopec



The Role of Human Movement in the Transmission of Vector-Borne Pathogens

by Steven T. Stoddard; Amy C. Morrison; Gonzalo Vazquez Prokopec; Valerie Paz-Soldan; Tadeusz J. Kochel; Uriel Kitron; John P. Elder; Thomas W. Scott



Hidden Sylvatic Foci of the Main Vector of Chagas Disease Triatoma infestans: Threats to the Vector Elimination Campaign?

by Leonardo A. Ceballos; Romina V. Piccinali; Paula L. Marcet; Gonzalo Vazquez Prokopec; Victoria Cardinal; Judith Schachter-Broide; Jean-Pierre Dujardin; Ellen M. Dotson; Uriel Kitron; Ricardo E. Gurtler