Gautam Kumar


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Does obesity affect the outcomes in takotsubo cardiomyopathy? Analysis of the Nationwide Inpatient Sample database, 2010-2014

by Rupak Desai; Sandeep Singh; Maryam Baikpour; Hemant Goyal; Abhijeet Dhoble; Abhishek Deshmukh; Gautam Kumar; Rajesh Sachdeva



Reply to "Low prevalence of diabetes with chronic complications in patients with Takotsubo syndrome"

by Rupak Desai; Sandeep Singh; Hemant Goyal; Abhijeet Dhoble; Abhishek Deshmukh; Gautam Kumar; Rajesh Sachdeva



COVID-19 and diabetes mellitus: A need for prudence in elderly patients from a pooled analysis

by Rupak Desai; Sandeep Singh; Tarang Parekh; Sonali Sachdeva; Rajesh Sachdeva; Gautam Kumar



Recreational Marijuana Use and Acute Myocardial Infarction: Insights from Nationwide Inpatient Sample in the United States.

by Rupak Desai; Upenkumar Patel; Shobhit Sharma; Parth Amin; Rushikkumar Bhuva; Malav S Patel; Nitin Sharma; Manan Shah; Smit Patel; Sejal Savani; Neha Batra; Gautam Kumar



Emergency Consent: Patients' and Surrogates' Perspectives on Consent for Clinical Trials in Acute Stroke and Myocardial Infarction

by Neal Dickert Jr; Victoria M. Scicluna; Opeolu Adeoye; Dominick J. Angiolillo; James C. Blankenship; Chandan M Devireddy; Michael Frankel; Sara F. Goldkind; Yi-An Ko; Andrea R. Mitchell; Raul G. Nogueria; Ruth M Parker; Manesh R. Patel; Michele Riedford; Robert Silbergleit; Candace D. Speight; Ilana Spokoyny; Kevin P. Weinfurt; Rebecca Pentz; Gautam Kumar



Minimally Invasive Delivery of Hydrogel-Encapsulated Amiodarone to the Epicardium Reduces Atrial Fibrillation

by Jose R. Garcia; Peter F. Campbell; Gautam Kumar; Jonathan J Langberg; Liliana Cesar; Juline N. Deppen; Eric Y. Shin; Neil K. Bhatia; Lanfang Wang; Kai Xu; Frank Schneider; Brian Robinson; Andres J. Garcia; Rebecca D. Levit