Grace Gombolay


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Immunotherapy responsiveness and risk of relapse in Down syndrome regression disorder

by Jonathan D. Santoro; Noemi A. Spinazzi; Robyn A. Filipink; Panteha Hayati-Rezvan; Ryan Kammeyer; Lina Patel; Elise A. Sannar; Luke Dwyer; Abhik K. Banerjee; Mellad Khoshnood; Saba Jafarpour; Natalie K. Boyd; Rebecca Partridge; Grace Gombolay; Alison L. Christy; Diego Real de Asua; Maria del Carmen Ortega; Melanie A. Manning; Heather Van Mater; Gordan Worley; Cathy Franklin; Maria A. Stanley; Ruth Brown; George T. Capone; Eileen A. Quinn; Michael S. Rafii



Assessment and Diagnosis of Down Syndrome Regression Disorder: International Expert Consensus

by Jonathan D Santoro; Lina Patel; Ryan Kammeyer; Robyn A Filipink; Grace Gombolay; Kathleen M Cardinale; Diego Real de Asua; Shahid Zaman; Stephanie L Santoro; Sammer M Marzouk; Mellad Khoshnood; Benjamin N Vogel; Runi Tanna; Dania Pagarkar; Sofia Dhanani; Maria Del Carmen Ortega; Rebecca Partridge; Maria A Stanley; Jessica S Sanders; Alison Christy; Elise M Sannar; Ruth Brown; Andrew A McCormick; Heather Van Mater; Cathy Franklin; Gordon Worley; Eileen A Quinn; George T Capone; Brian Chicoine; Brian G Skotko; Michael S Rafii



Use and Safety of Immunotherapeutic Management of N-Methyl-D-Aspartate Receptor Antibody Encephalitis A Meta-analysis

by Grace Gombolay; Margherita Nosadini; Michael Eyre; Erika Molteni; Terrence Thomas; Sarosh R Irani; Josep Dalmau; Russell C Dale; Ming Lim