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Comparison of Glycemic Variability and Hypoglycemic Events in Hospitalized Older Adults Treated with Basal Insulin plus Vildagliptin and Basal-Bolus Insulin Regimen: A Prospective Randomized Study

by Guillermo Umpierrez; S Batule; A Ramos; AP-M De Oca; N Fuentes; S Martinez; J Raga; X Pena; C Tural; P Munoz; B Soldevila; N Alonso; M Puig-Domingo



The effect of discontinuing continuous glucose monitoring in adults with type 2 diabetes treated with basal insulin

by Guillermo Umpierrez; Georgia Davis; G Aleppo; RW Beck; R Bailey; KJ Ruedy; P Calhoun; AL Peters; R Pop-Busui; A Philis-Tsimikas; S Bao; D Kruger; A Bhargava; L Young; JB Buse; JB McGill; T Martens; QT Nguyen; I Orozco; W Biggs; KJ Lucas; WH Polonsky; D Price; RM Bergenstal



Relationship between weight change and glycaemic control in patients with type 2 diabetes receiving once-weekly dulaglutide treatment

by Guillermo Umpierrez; Kevin M. Pantalone; Anita Y.M. Kwan; Alan G. Zimmermann; Nan Zhang; Laura Fernández Lando



Effects of oral and intravenous fat load on blood pressure, endothelial function, sympathetic activity, and oxidative stress in obese healthy subjects

by Aidar R. Gosmanov; Dawn Smiley; Gonzalo Robalino; Joselita Siquiera; Bobby Khan; Ngoc-Anh Le; Riyaz S. Patel; Arshed Ali Quyyumi; Limin Peng; Abbas E. Kitabchi; Guillermo Umpierrez



Point-of-care capillary HbA1c measurement in the emergency department: a useful tool to detect unrecognized and uncontrolled diabetes

by Fernando Gomez-Peralta; Cristina Abreu; Leonor Andreu-Urioste; Ana Cristina Antolí; Carmen Rico-Fontsaré; David Martín-Fernández; Rosa Resina-Rufes; Juan Jesús Pérez-García; Ángela Negrete-Muñoz; Daniel Muñoz-Álvarez; Guillermo Umpierrez