Gregory Esper MD, MBA


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Telemedicine impact on post-stroke outpatient follow-up in an academic healthcare network during the COVID-19 pandemic

by Gregory Esper; Fadi Nahab; Samir Belagaje; Srikant Rangaraju; D Alabyad; M Lemuel-Clarke; M Antwan; L Henriquez; A Mosley; J Cabral; T Walczak; M Ido; P Hashima; R Bayakly; K Collins; L Sutherly-Bhadsavle; C Brasher; E Danaie; P Victor; D Westover; M Webb; S Skukalek; AM Barrett



Impact of COVID-19 on Outcomes in Ischemic Stroke Patients in the United States

by Adam de Havenon; John P. Ney; Brian Callaghan; Alen Delic; Samuel Hohmann; Ernie Shippey; Gregory Esper; Eric Stulberg; David Tirschwell; Jennifer Frontera; Shadi Yaghi; Mohammad Anadani; Jennifer J. Majersik