Gordana Derado


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Risk Factors for Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)-Associated Hospitalization: COVID-19-Associated Hospitalization Surveillance Network and Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System

by Jean Y. Ko; Melissa L. Danielson; Machell Town; Gordana Derado; Kurt J. Greenlund; Pam Daily Kirley; Nisha B. Alden; Kimberly Yousey-Hindes; Evan Anderson; Patricia A. Ryan; Sue Kim; Ruth Lynfield; Salina M. Torres; Grant R. Barney; Nancy M. Bennett; Melissa Sutton; H. Keipp Talbot; Mary Hill; Aron J. Hall; Alicia M. Fry; Shikha Garg; Lindsay Kim



Changes in Incidence and Antifungal Drug Resistance in Candidemia: Results From Population-Based Laboratory Surveillance in Atlanta and Baltimore, 2008-2011

by Angela Ahlquist Cleveland; Monica Farley; Lee H. Harrison; Betsy Stein; Rosemary Hollick; Shawn R. Lockhart; Shelley S. Magill; Gordana Derado; Benjamin J. Park; Tom Chiller



Factors Associated with the Duration of Moderate-to-Severe Diarrhea among Children in Rural Western Kenya Enrolled in the Global Enteric Multicenter Study, 2008-2012

by Katharine A. Schilling; Richard Omore; Gordana Derado; Tracy Ayers; John B. Ochieng; Tamer H. Farag; Dilruba Nasrin; Sandra Panchalingam; James P. Nataro; Karen L. Kotloff; Myron M. Levine; Joseph Oundo; Michelle B. Parsons; Cheryl Bopp; Kayla Laserson; Christine E. Stauber; Richard Rothenberg; Robert F Breiman; Ciara Elizabeth O'Reilly; Eric D. Mintz