George G Birdsong MD


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College of American pathologists cancer protocols: From optimizing cancer patient care to facilitating interoperable reporting and downstream data use

by George Birdsong II; VF Torous; RW Simpson; JP Balani; AS Baras; MA Berman; GG Birdsong; GA Giannico; GP Paner; JR Pettus; Z Sessions; S Joseph Sirintrapun; JR Srigley; S Spencer



Advancing Research on Medical Image Perception by Strengthening Multidisciplinary Collaboration.

by George Birdsong II; M Treviño; G Birdsong; A Carrigan; P Choyke; T Drew; M Eckstein; A Fernandez; BD Gallas; M Giger; SM Hewitt; TS Horowitz; YV Jiang; B Kudrick; S Martinez-Conde; S Mitroff; L Nebeling; J Saltz; F Samuelson; SE Seltzer; B Shabestari; L Shankar; E Siegel; M Tilkin; JS Trueblood; AL Van Dyke; AM Venkatesan; D Whitney; JM Wolfe