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ZBP1 phosphorylation at serine 181 regulates its dendritic transport and the development of dendritic trees of hippocampal neurons.

by Anna S. Urbanska; Aleksandra Janusz-Kaminska; Katarzyna Switon; Alicia L. Hawthorne; Malgorzata Perycz; Malgorzata Urbanska; Gary Bassell; Jacek Jaworski



Hexanucleotide Repeat Expansions in c9FTD/ALS and SCA36 Confer Selective Patterns of Neurodegeneration In Vivo

by Tiffany W. Todd; Zachary McEachin; Jeannie Chew; Alexander R. Burch; Karen Jansen-West; Jimei Tong; Mei Yue; Yuping Song; Monica Castanedes-Casey; Aishe Kurti; Judith H. Dunmore; John D. Fryer; Yong-Jie Zhang; Beatriz San Millan; Susana Teijeira Bautista; Manuel Arias; Dennis Dickson; Tania F. Gendron; Maria Jesus Sobrido; Matthew D. Disney; Gary Bassell; Wilfried Rossoll; Leonard Petrucelli



FMRP phosphorylation reveals an immediate-early signaling pathway triggered by group I mGluR and mediated by PP2A

by Usha Narayanan; Vijayalaxmi Nalavadi; Mika Nakamoto; David C. Pallas; Stephen Warren; Gary Bassell; Stephanie Ceman



Reward-Related Expectations Trigger Dendritic Spine Plasticity in the Mouse Ventrolateral Orbitofrontal Cortex

by Alonzo J. Whyte; Henry W. Kietzman; Andrew M. Swanson; Laura M. Butkovich; Britton R. Barbee; Gary Bassell; Christina Gross; Shannon Gourley



Fragile X mental retardation protein recognizes a G quadruplex structure within the survival motor neuron domain containing 1 mRNA 5 '-UTR

by Damian S. McAninch; Ashley M. Heinaman; Cara N. Lang; Kathryn R. Moss; Gary Bassell; Mihaela Rita Mihailescu; Timothy L. Evans



Biased modulators of NMDA receptors control channel opening and ion selectivity

by Lanny Liebeskind; Gary Bassell; Stephen Traynelis; Hongjie Yuan; Dennis Liotta; David Menaldino; Sharon Swanger; Phuong Le; RE Perszyk; C Shelley; A Khatri; G Fernandez-Cuervo; MP Epplin; J Zhang; P Bulow; E Garnier-Amblard; PKR Gangireddy