Faiz Ahmad


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COVID-19: Understanding Inter-Individual Variability and Implications for Precision Medicine

by Naveen L. Pereira; Faiz Ahmad; Mirnela Byku; Nathan W. Cummins; Alanna Morris; Anjali Owens; Sony Tuteja; Sharon Cresci



Hypothermia for Patients Requiring Evacuation of Subdural Hematoma: A Multicenter Randomized Clinical Trial

by Faiz Ahmad; GW Hergenroeder; S Yokobori; HA Choi; K Schmitt; MA Detry; LH Schmitt; A McGlothlin; AM Puccio; J Jagid; Y Kuroda; Y Nakamura; E Suehiro; K Viele; EA Wilde; SR McCauley; RS Kitagawa; NR Temkin; SD Timmons; MN Diringer; PK Dash; R Bullock; DO Okonkwo; DA Berry; DH Kim



Focal Correction of Severe Fixed Kyphosis with Single Level Posterior Ponte Osteotomy and Interbody Fusion.

by Seth S. Molloy; Faiz Ahmad; Griffin R. Baum; Barth A. Green; Nathan H. Lebwohl