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A Hydrogel Strategy to Augment Tissue Adenosine to Improve Hindlimb Perfusion

by Michael N Sayegh; Kimberly A Cooney; Woojin M Han; Lanfang Wang; Frederick Strobel; Laura Hansen; Andrés J Garcia; Rebecca Levit



A Sulfur Amino Acid–Free Meal Increases Plasma Lipids in Humans

by Youngja Park; Ngoc-Anh Le; Tianwei Yu; Fred Strobel; Nana Gletsu-Miller; Carolyn Jonas Accardi; Kichun S. Lee; Shaoxiong Wu; Thomas R Ziegler; Dean P Jones



Mitochondrial metabolomics using high-resolution fourier-transform mass spectrometry

by Young-Mi Go; Karan Uppal; James R. Roede; Dean P Jones; ViLinh Tran; Douglas Walker; Lauriane Dury; Frederick Strobel; Helene Baubichon-Cortay; Kurt D. Pennell



Serum Metabolomics of Slow vs. Rapid Motor Progression Parkinson's Disease: a Pilot Study

by James Roede; Karan Uppal; Youngja Park; Kichun Lee; Vilinh Tran; Douglas Walker; Fred Strobel; Shannon Rhodes; Beate Ritz; Dean P Jones