Frederic Rahbari Oskoui MD


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A comparison of ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging shows that kidney length predicts chronic kidney disease in autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease

by William O'Neill; Frederic Rahbari Oskoui; Arlene Chapman; H Bhutani; V Smith; F Rahbari-Oskoui; A Mittal; JJ Grantham; VE Torres; M Mrug; KT Bae; Z Wu; Y Ge; D Landslittel; P Gibbs



Prognostic Value of Fibroblast Growth Factor 23 in Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease

by Mireille El Ters; Pengcheng Lu; Jonathan D. Mahnken; Jason R. Stubbs; Shiqin Zhang; Darren P. Wallace; Jared J. Grantham; Arlene Chapman; Vicente Torres; Peter C. Harris; Kyongtae Bae; Douglas P. Landsittel; Frederic Rahbari Oskoui; Michal Mrug; William M. Bennett; Alan S. L. Yu



Detection and characterization of mosaicism in autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease

by Katharina Hopp; Emilie Cornec-Le Gall; Sarah R. Senum; Iris B.A.W. te Paske; Sonam Raj; Sravanthi Lavu; Saurabh Baheti; Marie E. Edwards; Charles D. Madsen; Christina H. Heyer; Albert C. M. Ong; Kyongtae T. Bae; Richard Fatica; Theodore I. Steinman; Arlene Chapman; Berenice Gitomer; Ronald D. Perrone; Frederic F. Rahbari-Oskoui; Frederic Rahbari Oskoui; Vicente E. Torres; Peter C. Harris



Association of Net Worth and Ambulatory Blood Pressure in Early Middle-aged African American Women

by Telisa Spikes; Raphiel Murden; Izraelle I McKinnon; Samantha Bromfield; Miriam E Van Dyke; Renee H Moore; Frederic Rahbari Oskoui; Arshed Quyummi; Laura Vaccarino; Tene Lewis



Health-Related Quality of Life in Patients With Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease and CKD Stages 1-4: A Cross-sectional Study

by Dana C. Miskulin; Kaleab Z. Abebe; Arlene B Chapman; Ronald D. Perrone; Theodore I. Steinman; Vicente E. Torres; K. Ty Bae; William Braun; Franz T. Winklhofer; Marie C. Hogan; Frederic Rahbari Oskoui; Charity G. Moore; Michael F. Flessner



Closeout of the HALT-PKD trials

by Charity G. Moore; Susan Spillane; Gertrude Simon; Barbara Maxwell; Frederic Rahbari Oskoui; William E. Braun; Arlene Chapman; Robert W. Schrier; Vicente E. Torres; Ronald D. Perrone; Theodore I. Steinman; Godela Brosnahan; Peter G. Czarnecki; Peter C. Harris; Dana C. Miskulin; Michael F. Flessner; K. Ty Bae; Kaleab Z. Abebe; Marie C. Hogan



Effect of Statin Therapy on the Progression of Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease. A Secondary Analysis of the HALT PKD Trials.

by Godela M. Brosnahan; Kaleab Z. Abebe; Frederic Rahbari Oskoui; Charity G. Patterson; Kyongtae T. Bae; Robert W. Schrier; William E. Braun; Arlene B Chapman; Michael F. Flessner; Peter C. Harris; Ronald D. Perrone; Theodore I. Steinman; Vicente E. Torres