Francisco Pasquel


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Diabetic ketoacidosis and high mortality among patients with coronavirus disease 2019 in a Peruvian hospital

by Francisco Pasquel; E Lopez-Huamanrayme; C Cordova-Huancas; D Garate-Chirinos; F Espinoza-Morales



Immunogenicity, Safety, and Tolerability of V114, a 15-Valent Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine, in Immunocompetent Adults Aged 18-49 Years With or Without Risk Factors for Pneumococcal Disease: A Randomized Phase 3 Trial (PNEU-DAY)

by Francisco Pasquel; LL Hammitt; D Quinn; E Janczewska; R Tytus; KR Reddy; K Abarca; IM Khaertynova; R Dagan; J McCauley; K Cheon; A Pedley; T Sterling; G Tamms; L Musey; UK Buchwald



Remote Continuous Glucose Monitoring With a Computerized Insulin Infusion Protocol for Critically Ill Patients in a COVID-19 Medical ICU: Proof of Concept

by Georgia Davis; Eileen Faulds; Tara Walker; Debbie Vigliotti; Marina Rabinovich; Joi Hester; Limin Peng; Barbara McLean; Patricia Hannon; Norma Poindexter; Petrena Saunders; Citlalli Perez-Guzman; Seema Tekwani; Gregory Martin; Guillermo Umpierrez; Shivani Agarwal; Kathleen Dungan; Francisco Pasquel