Faisal M Merchant MD

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Phone: 404-686-2504

Email: faisal.merchant@emory.edu

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SOM: Medicine: Cardiology

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A Novel Method for Determining the Phase of T-Wave Alternans: Diagnostic and Therapeutic Implications

by Omid Sayadi; Faisal Merchant; Dheeraj Puppala; Theofanie Mela; Jagmeet P. Singh; E. Kevin Heist; Chris Owen; Antonis A. Armoundas



T-Wave Alternans as an Arrhythmic Risk Stratifier: State of the Art

by Faisal Merchant; Omid Sayadi; Kasra Moazzami; Dheeraj Puppala; Antonis A. Armoundas



A combined anatomic and electrophysiologic substrate based approach for sudden cardiac death risk stratification

by Faisal Merchant; Hui Zheng; Thomas Bigger; Richard Steinman; Takanori Ikeda; Roberto F. E. Pedretti; Jorge A. Salerno-Uriarte; Catherine Klersy; Paul S. Chan; Cheryl Bartone; Stefan H. Hohnloser; Jeremy N. Ruskin; Antonis A. Armoundas



Utility of a smartphone based system (cvrphone) to accurately determine apneic events from electrocardiographic signals

by Kwanghyun Sohn; Faisal M Merchant; Shady Abohashem; Kanchan Kulkarni; Jagmeet P. Singh; E. Kevin Heist; Chris Owen; Jesse D. Roberts,Jr.; Eric M. Isselbacher; Furrukh Sana; Antonis A. Armoundas